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54 million monthly Online Radio Listeners

Since the inception of the stations premier show, The Iceman’s Top 40 New Country Countdown hosted
by syndicated premier personality ‘The Iceman’, a number of Artists that Best Country played early in their career have broke into the mainstream.  Kane Brown, Chris Stapleton, Maddie & Tae, Locash Cowboys, Old Dominion, and Kelsea Ballerini are just a handful of Artists we’ve advocated for before their big break.  This has contributed to Best Country Radio successfully becoming the destination for the best up and coming New Country Music.   With over 1 Million website hits in the last 12 months, Facebook interactions in excess of 150,000 per month,  and over 100,000 per month in Twitter impressions, we’ve got the means to get your word out!


Web listeners more receptive to ads, study finds:


Radio continues to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising

GroupM Next, the division of ad giant WPP charged with analyzing digital trends, has been studying radio and digital and concludes web radio listeners are less likely to skip ads and more likely to buy advertised products. The agency’s survey of 1,000 radio listeners uncovered a “desirable audience” by any brand’s standards.   “Internet radio listeners are more engaged with their services and more receptive to advertising, making the platforms much more valuable to marketers,” the report concludes.   The data shows that most people not only prefer an ad-supported service, but one-third of users said they actually didn’t mind the advertising.  Online radio listeners are also less likely to try to avoid commercials, with only


The Online Radio trend continues to grow

7% reporting they take avoidance steps like switching stations or closing a browser.  Insights manager Steve Sherfy characterizes them as “the very definition of low-hanging fruit.” Even more noteworthy: streaming audio advertising is working.  The agency’s research shows big users of internet radio — defined as those who spend 21% of their listening time with streaming radio — are TWICE as likely to buy a product they’ve heard advertised on web radio in the past month compared to those who’ve only listened to FM/AM radio.   GroupM Next says it discovered that people who listen to streaming radio services seem to listen to it “everywhere.”  The biggest percentage tune-in at home (91%) but more than 40% said they also listen at every location listed in the study, including at work, in the car, at the gym, and while running errands. The data shows big internet radio listeners are almost twice as likely to tune in web radio at the gym compared to broadcast radio users listening to FM/AM radio there.  “The workplace and the gym are new ‘earbud markets’ where advertisers can target consumers with audio ads at a higher rate than ever before,” the report says. GroupM Next forecasts these trends will accelerate as more drivers have a digital dashboard.   – SOURCE INSIDE RADIO

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