Here Are The New Music Adds/Test Drive Songs Of The Week

3 November 2016 New Country Music The Iceman

Congrats to these hard working artists making things happen. Here Are The New Music Adds/Test Drive Songs Of The Week

Aaron Watson Outta Style
Alexandria Corn Music Say It Again
Caitlyn Smith Tacoma
Dylan Jakobsen Silverado
Hudson Moore Might As Well
James Barker Band Just Sayin’
Maggie Thompson Music Shotgun
Randy Rogers Band Tequila Eyes
Ryan Robinette Beer Season
Loving Mary Band Little Bit Of Love

This is where it all starts. Based on several parameters including the reaction to the song and requests, it has the chance to move up into the heavier rotation and then ultimately the The Iceman’s New Country Top 40 Chart. The ONLY NEW Country Countdown show listed in the 2016 Country Music Association’s Industry Guide. It’s not easy to make. We receive hundreds of submissions every week and pride ourselves on playing the BEST OF THE BEST new country music on the planet! BestCountryRadio.com
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  1. mella   On   November 8, 2016 at 10:46 am

    can someone please tell me how to vote for a new song listed above. I find this station very confusing. Can I please request Say it again by Alexandria Corn. I love the song. along with other new artist..Thank you..

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